About me

My brother taught me BASIC programming in the mid-eighties – when I was nine. Always been attracted by programming, and over the years, been playing around with Visual Basic, Delphi, Turbo Pascal, Perl, PHP, Javascript, C/C++, Python and even Haskell.

I was eager to program, but my key issue was I didn’t know what to program. This meant I never got to a decent level.

Over the last couple of years things have changed, as I am now working in a bank where programming is the major part of what I do. Fifty thousand lines of code later, I now breathe source code, dream of objects, I admire frameworks, I fear debugging, and I get a great kick of some of the most beautiful concepts which the programming community has brought to us mortal programmers.

I told my son programming is like Lego for adults. The open source community is therefore like a massive toy store, open 24h a day, where everything’s free.

The real difficulty becomes: which toy will be the most fun to play?


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